BMW Motorcycle Dealerships Top Ranked for Response to Customer Internet Inquiries, Reports Pied Piper PSI®

MONTEREY, Calif.–(BUSINESS WIRE)–BMW motorcycle dealerships ranked highest in the 2018 Pied Piper PSI® Internet Lead Effectiveness® (ILE®) Industry Study, which measured how motorcycle and UTV dealerships responded to customer inquiries received through dealership websites. Study rankings by brand were determined by the Pied Piper PSI process, which ties “mystery shopping” measurement and scoring to dealership sales success.

Dealerships selling Polaris’ Indian motorcycle brand were ranked second, followed by Ducati, Husqvarna, Triumph, Kawasaki and Yanmar. Brands which improved the most from year to year were Ducati, Kawasaki, Triumph, Indian and BMW. Brands suffering a decline from year to year were Harley-Davidson and Yamaha.

Pied Piper sent customer inquiries through the individual websites of 3,175 dealerships, asking a question about a vehicle in inventory, and providing a contact name, email address and local telephone number. Pied Piper then evaluated how the dealerships responded over the next 24 hours. Nineteen different measurements generated a dealership’s PSI-ILE score.

2018 marks the first time that Outdoor Power Equipment brands selling UTVs were included as part of this study. In contrast, Powersports brands selling motorcycles have been measured annually for each of the past three years, and most Powersports brands improved their performance substantially from 2017 to 2018.

Response to customer web inquiries varied substantially by brand, and by dealership within each brand. For example, on average only 45% of customers received a personal reply within 24 hours. But more than 60% of Indian, BMW, Ducati and Yanmar customers received a personal reply on average, while less than 30% of HiSun, CFMoto or Toro customers received a personal reply on average.

The 2018 Pied Piper PSI® Internet Lead Effectiveness® (ILE®) Powersports & Outdoor Power Equipment Industry Study (U.S.A.) was conducted between August 2017 and July 2018 by submitting customer internet inquiries directly to a sample of 3,175 dealerships nationwide representing all major brands. Examples of other recent Pied Piper PSI studies are the 2018 Pied Piper PSI (In-Person) U.S. UTV Industry Study, in which BRP’s Can-Am brand was ranked first, the 2018 Pied Piper PSI-ILE (Internet) U.S. Auto Industry Study in which Mercedes-Benz was ranked first, and the 2018 Pied Piper PSI (In-Person) U.S. Auto Industry Study in which Audi was ranked first. Complete Pied Piper PSI industry study results are provided to vehicle manufacturers and national dealer groups. Manufacturers, national dealer groups and individual dealerships also order PSI “mystery shop” evaluations—internet, telephone, or in-person—as tools to improve the sales effectiveness of their dealerships. For more information about the Pied Piper Prospect Satisfaction Index, and the proprietary PSI process, go to

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