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Again, lets just remove all chat or form of communication. Thats a great idea. One of my favorite matches was the one where someone on the enemy team said I sucked. I have no idea who they are or why they cnat it. But instead of tilting, we won the match. I got all the golds and POTG.

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Menko was also a necessary item for us.

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Kato: You met a good advocate for your chzt, and the teacher ignited your collecting passion. And I think I am attracted to the delicacy of the drawing. Collection is the entomological study for me yet. I like the things of the world where nobody has tramped, and want to collect them to study their various versions. Oh… hmmm. Machida: The motivation of collecting matches looks the same with that of collection of insects.

I screamed, "This is it! Laugh Machida: When I was in elementary school, I collected insects for study of entomology, as I needed to do scientific learning during summer holiday. Those des are more like calligraphic art of drawing.

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For instance, collector analyzes whether there is any subtle difference between two similar pieces, and he is happy if he can precisely determine the difference. Do you think Japan absolutely changed within a few years from beginning of Showa 30' to the end of Olympic game? katch

Then in Showa 40', they were made of corrugated paper, I mean paper boxes replaced wooden boxes to contain matchsticks. Again, lets just remove all chat or form of communication. Kato: Yes, I think so, too. One of my favorite matches was the one where someone on the enemy team said I sucked.

Laugh Kato: he ificance of collection is to be in annulled competence. Smile Kato: Showa's 30's and 40' - were time when Beatles was very popular in the world and we were young and blooming.

What I mean is that our collection has no market value. Literally speaking, speedy transformation we experienced was kind of dizzy and stimulating, and in a way, it produced an ambivalent sensation in me.

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And I collected only cockroaches and flies, because I wanted to do something different from others to outstand in my class. Machida: The peak of my collection was the beginning of Showa 40's Therefore I thought I should catch chaf before they would disappear completely, so I started to buy them voluntarily.

Machida's collection originates in entomology! Heroes of the Storm came out with zero match chat, just team, and people loved it.

The items we have been collecting are "valueless" for ordinary people. Machida: The time I started intentionally buying matches was when I was a freshman. Smile Kato: Yes, I understand you. What kind of game chzt be fun with zero freedoms and no communication. I came to know much later that some other people were also collecting matches. But instead of tilting, we won the match.

Välkommen till oss!

Or when someone is throwing or cheating and both teams agree to try and draw to cancel out that players actions. That was the period when Japanese cuat was growing at a rapid rate, and values of things looked varying largely, besides typical Japanese commodities that had been used for some time were disappearing very fast. I think our laborious efforts for collection in lengthy time will become compiled reference in the related fields, then our accomplishment will be highly valuable. It can occasionally be useful even if that is the exception not the rule.

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I think you and me have such happy memories in common. You are not collecting packages of any candies, are you? Definitely not Kato: By the way, I once collected boxes of "Marble Chocolate," too, but the collection didn't last long. It was very satisfying to see them disconnect immediately when the POTG came up.

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I was in university at mztch time, and those two des on match labels motivated me to start a periodic exchanging meeting of match labels with my friends. The capacity we need for collection is "interest," isn't it? So I am as well interested in other items as matches with almost same sensitivity, but I also realize that they other items need to be more organized under systematic exposition of topics.

Kato: I agree with you.