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Chat rooms by location

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You can use forum for asynchronous communication, Chats locaion simultaneous conversation and Messaging for private communication with your students. This is a useful way to get a different understanding of each other and the topic being discussed — the mode of using a chat room is quite different from the asynchronous forums. The Chat module contains a of features for managing and reviewing chat discussions. The chat may be a one-time activity or it may be repeated at the same time each day or each week.

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This is a useful tool for giving students participation grades.

A of studies have reported the benefits of asing groups of students to moderate duties for discussions around given topics. Younger children using chat at home in the evenings as a controlled monitored introduction to lpcation world of social networking A question and answer session with an invited speaker in a different location Sessions to help students prepare for tests where the teacher, or other students, would pose sample questions.

Set up a chat room and set the group mode to separate or visible groups. Without people having discussions, a forum is an empty, quiet space. Examples might be: Regular meetings of staff on large or split campuses to discuss student or curriculum issues; Regular meetings of students doing online courses to enable them to share experiences with others on the same course but potentially in a different city or countryA teacher working with his students even though he is out of school A student temporarily unable to attend in person chatting with their tutor to catch up with bby.

Try asing your students to groups on different sides of an issue. View the total rating you received: This allows a user to view their own ratings for forum posts.

It is a useful alternative to because you can track all correspondence in one place and avoid clogging your inbox. Frequently asked questions How many times do you answer the same question from three different students?

The students usually spend 20—40 minutes working together in small groups to formulate a response. For students whose primary language is not that of the course, people with communicative disabilities, and the just plain shy, forums offer a chance to take as much time as they need to formulate a reasonable reply. You select the top 10 questions and send them via to the interviewee. If a teacher adds a new discussion topic for a selected group, then only group members can reply to it.

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This could be used to schedule special events or meetings or simply to help learners identify a common time in which they can expect to find other learners in the chat room. Social constructivism is all about discussion and negotiated loaction.

Students can only reply to discussions started by other group members or teachers. Post threshold for warning: ,ocation can be warned as they approach the maximum of posts allowed in a given period.

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You may want them to engage with the roooms because of its intrinsic value. This capability is allowed for default roles of manager, teacher, non-editing teacher and student.

Manage subscriptions: This allows a user to manage forum subscriptions. The key to a successful chat is good moderation. No repeats - publish the specified time only- only the Next chat time will be published.

In the Post threshold for blocking Section: Time period for blocking: Students can be blocked from posting more than a given of posts in a given time period. It is especially beneficial when the group chatting is not able to meet face to face. If the conversation starts to get out of control, gently try to bring people back to the main flow.

Interviews Bringing outside experts into your locatiion can be difficult.

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This name should match the author - If you only want posts from certain authors, enter their names here. In the Ratings Section: Roles with permissions to rate: Forum posts can be rated using a scale.

Effective Chat Practices While the chat module may not be ,ocation feature-rich at this point, it can still be an effective learning tool. The easiest strategy is to invite the expert into your forums as a regular participant.

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View subscribers: This allows a user to view the list of subscribers to a forum. Ask everyone to post an introduction telling the class where they are from; what they hope to get out of the class; and their favorite food, favorite movie, or something interesting. This capability is allowed for the default manager, teacher and non-editing teacher roles Exempt from post threshold: This allows a user to post in a forum without chwt being blocked i. Rate posts: This allows a user to rate forum posts for forums which allow posts to be rated.

Note that the total cannot exceed the maximum grade for the activity. The final strategy for encouraging participation is to engage with locayion forums yourself.

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Each forum can contain one or lofation discussions, which are comprised of one or more posts and replies. Of course, you will need to balance between grading for quality and allowing a discussion where everyone is trying to be cleverer to get a grade. Participants can subscribe to a forum to receive notifications of new forum posts.

Display Word count specifies whether the word count of each post should be displayed or not.

How it Works

Try to keep everyone on the same track of the conversation. In a Q and A forum, teachers post the question and students respond with possible answers.

The listings include the time the chat started and ended, which users participated, and how many messages each user sent. To send a message to selected course participants Click on the Participants link in the People block on the course .