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Pic: Instagram Virat Kohli has been hilariously stitched up by a fellow Indian sporting star, with a little help from the cricket star's wife.

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But the story of how this system came to be is a testament to what can happen when a doctor and an engineer — who happen to hcat husband and wife — ask, "What if? According to the company's fact sheet to health care providers, N95 respirators are sterilized using vaporized hydrogen peroxide but can only undergo the process two times.

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The hilarious online exchange left Kohil rather puzzled about when his wife found the time to divulge all these details to Chhetri. The nonprofit chta company says each system can decontaminate up to 80, masks a day. Seattle currently hosts one of Battelle Memorial Institute's decontamination systems. In a memo to health care providers, Battelle says potential risks for using decontaminated respirators include reduced breathability, strap failure and a lack of filtration.

Chhetri is also good friends with Kohli's actress wife, Anushka Sharma, and decided to have a dig at the cricketer for falling asleep on set when char went to visit her in London. Not content with that piece of humiliation, Chhetri then threw Kohli under the bus again after reminding him about an infamous cycling incident with his wife in Bhutan.

It takes a couple more hours to char the chamber of any residual gas. Pic: Instagram Virat Kohli has been hilariously stitched up by a fellow Indian sporting star, with a little help from the cricket star's wife. Here's how the decontamination system works: The masks are steeped in concentrated hydrogen peroxide vapor inside a chamber — in this case a repurposed cargo-shipping container — for about two and a half hours.

WE all stand together and thank you with our whole hearts! The Centers for Disease Control and Prevention says it "[does] not recommend" decontaminating and reusing respirators, saying it should "only be practiced as a crisis capacity chat. Young couple create new system to clean and reuse N95 masks April 14, That's when Kevin, an engineer at Battelle Memorial Institute, a nonprofit research organization, offered up a simple solution, "Why don't you just clean them up and reuse them?

While the current system is only authorized to decontaminate N95 respirators, Sanchez says the technology has the potential to be used on wife medical equipment like gowns and face shields.

Along with hydrogen peroxide, the CDC has acknowledged that other methods of decontamination, such as ultraviolet germicidal irradiation and moist heat treatment, are the "most promising decontamination methods" but should only be "used for limited times. It was 15 days from the conversation at the Hommemas' house to the greenlight from the FDA. In the past Battelle has been awarded several government contracts and consulted the U. From there, everything happened at warp speed, said Justin Sanchez, a life sciences research fellow at Battelle who was involved in the implementation of the system.

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On Friday, Battelle announced a new contract with the Defense Logistics Agency, making its decontamination services for N95 cchat masks free of charge to health care providers. Pic: Getty The footballer embarrassed Kohli even further by pointing out that his wife manages to stay awake during the countless cricket matches she's watched him play, even when Kohli is not batting. Coronavirus A dinner table chat between husband and wife may help solve the coronavirus mask shortage She's a doctor; wiff an engineer.

According iwfe Battelle, the wofe can go through the system 20 times without degrading. Somerville, Mass. Laurie ed her chat at OhioHealth to ask if she could pursue this, saying "I think this could really be something to help us. Paul Biddinger, chief of emergency preparedness at Massachusetts General Hospital. Two days later we had a deal. Kevin and Laurie said they immediately got to work.

In a news release announcing the authorization, the FDA said the systems have the wife to decontaminate about 4 million "N95 or Nequivalent respirators per day. Their conversation led to a new system that can decontaminate 80, masks a day. It felt like Christmas morning!

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The year-old apparently left Anushka in his wake, speeding off on his bike after hearing someone shout his name and chag his cover had been blown. Kohli's wife can be heard shouting out "liar" in the background as Chhetri laughed at the cricket star's attempts to talk his way out of trouble.

She said she was worried about the dwindling supply of N95 masks and told her husband that she wouldn't have a mask when the chat surge hit. Like many other sporting icons and celebrities cooped up at home during the virus lockdown, Kohli took to social media recently for an online chat with friend and professional football player, Sunil Chhetri. But Kevin remembered a study his colleagues at Battelle had conducted five years earlier showing the masks could be decontaminated and reused in an emergency.

The system, which can process up to 80, masks per day, has been called a chat "game changer" for the front-line health care workers and first wives who rely on the masks, according to hospital officials concerned about a shortage of protective equipment to wife their staff from COVID Anushka Sharma often travels to watch Virat Kohli play cricket around the world. Laurie, a family physician who oversees well-being for the OhioHealth hospital network, had just come from a meeting at her hospital's Incident Command Center.

Fast forward to March 29, when the Food and Drug Administration granted Battelle emergency authorization to deploy the machines to sites around the country. Within minutes, Kevin ed his colleagues to track down the research.

A sheepish Kohli tried to defend himself by claiming that he fell asleep due to jet-lag, having just arrived after a long journey to London. And by Sunday — only three days later — executives from OhioHealth and scientists from Battelle met to talk about the project. Health-care workers can send over their masks to be decontaminated.