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Composing a message

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You can customize your message by using the formatting and style toolbars located above compsing message box. Click to send the message, with or without an attached file. Click to cancel composing and sending a message.

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An overview of message composition Alannah cute babes

Select this option to save a copy of your message the Sent folder. Select this option if you do not want your message formatted with the text styles and formatting toolbar settings.

Enter an address in the To: field. By checking off "Confirm Reading", you will get a receipt of the e-mail message. Click to save a draft of your message in the Drafts folder.

A copy of the message you sent is saved in your Sent folder. Select Low, Normal or High. In the next topic you will learn about adding attachments.

Show BCC. From the priority drop-down list, select the required priority. For more information, see Using Contacts to Address a Message.

Note: The options setting will override the User Options setting. This field is not displayed if you have not configured external POP s. In the text box, enter the address es of the person s to whom this message will be sent.

Lite Web Client Help

To send a copy to a recipient, enter the addresses in the Cc field or click the Address Book icon next to the Cc field to select addresses. The message is saved in the Draft folder and is automatically sent on that date and time. mesage

In the text box, enter the address es of person s to whom you'd like a copy of this message to be sent, without the comosing address appearing in the message. Enter the address in the Bcc field.

In the Subject field, tell the recipient what the message is about. There are a few options you may want to consider: If you check off "Backup sent message", it will put a copy of the message you send in the Sent folder.

See Adding Attachments. Select this option to display the Carbon Copy CC text box. Enter the addresses of the recipients who should receive your message in the To field.

Send as Plain Text. See also:. Only limited options are available with Lite Web Client. This setting will not add a duplicate entry when an address already exists in the contacts folder. Save Recipients In Contacts Folder. Manage User Options has a setting "Automatically add Recipients as contacts" which will save all recipients to the ckmposing contacts folder.

Save: Saves the message as a draft which you can refer later. From: This field contains cpmposing drop-down list with all the configured sender profiles you have for this. Select the Rich Text check box to include rich text features in the mail editor. Convergence provides an address book auto completion feature.

Composing a Message Alannah cute babes

If you want to enter multiple addresses, separate them by commas. Enter the subject of the into the text box. Options: Enables you to add more features to your messages. Read: Sends a notification when the recipient re the message.

Composing and Formatting Messages Alannah cute babes

Related Topics. Chinese Simplified GB The expanded message icons are shown.

Optional To send a copy of the to other recipients Cc or to send a blind copy Bcc without the recipient's knowledge, enter addresses in the Cc and Bcc fields. Use a comma to separate multiple addresses. This list includes the ,essage followed by the address of each configured external. The options are: None: Does not perform any action when the recipient receives this message.