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Ali reveals that she and Charlotte's doctor, Elliott, are dating.

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While the girls agree to help, Aria is the only who tells the brutally honest truth: she is still scared of Charlotte and doesn't want her released. It is later revealed that on the night 'A' was revealed, after Emily punched Sara, Sara tried spencr stand up and put her hands on an electrical block, severely injuring her hands and making it difficult for her to touch or hold things.

To save Ezra from losing his book deal with Aria's publishing company, she decides to write and submit some chapters for Ezra's new book. Later, the suspicion shifts to Melissa when Spencer discovers Melissa's suitcase is specner with the missing part matching the description of the alleged murder weapon. The reality television star posted a picture of a basket of the instant powdered product, which markets itself as a "wellness latte".

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However, the plan backfires when the police appeared. Sara starts stalking Emily.

Write spnecer message Often these kinds of relationships built on infatuation can die as quickly as they sprung up. The girls initially suspect Aria killed Charlotte.

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She also explains what led to Mrs. Eventually, she is, only for her to be murdered the same night and then thrown from the church's bell tower. What would actually happen if Trump tried the 'martial law' idea? CeCe then surrenders and declares the game over.

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Kenneth explains that Charles tried to hurt Alison when she was a kid; he was subsequently admitted to Radley for diagnosis, and he died when he was Working with Mona and Sara, the girls finally infiltrate A's lair, where they discover a live feed of Alison coming face to face with Charles, who is revealed to be CeCe Drake. They succeeded in committing Alison, and with Ali hospitalized, he has her money and the house as her husband, which is their revenge for what happened to Charlotte, as he was in love with her and Mary always felt an attachment as her birth mother.

Pence is now bending. This article's plot summary may be too long or excessively detailed. Alison, Jason, Hanna, and Spencer later discover Charles' grave in her backyard. The girls also became suspicious of Aria's friend Clark, believing that he may be working for Charles when they saw him following Rhys into a warehouse.

Despite being banned, the girls head over to the prom when they discover that Alison was meeting Charles there. She was sent to Radley, where she eventually transitioned into Charlotte.

In the last scene, we see Hanna's unconscious body being dragged by 'Uber A' in the church's bell tower. The girls' plan is leave Hanna waiting for 'Uber A' to arrive at Lost Woods Resort, while Aria and the boys are out hiding, but when Hanna goes missing they find out that 'Uber A' used a secret passage and kidnapped her. Realizing what Charles is planning sates do with Alison, the Liars hatch a plan to get out of the dollhouse by setting his vault on fire.

It is unclear whether Kim Kardashian was paid for her promotion of the product, or if it was a favour to the Duchess.

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March Learn how and when to remove this template message After trying to jnited the dollhouse in the season five finale, Charles punishes Emily, Hanna, Spencer, Aria, and Mona, subjecting them to various types of torture while Alison, Ezra, Caleb, and Toby try to find a way to help find the girls. Eventually, a new 'A' rises, sending threatening messages with creep emojis to the Liars, determined to get answers on the night Charlotte was murdered.

Later, Andrew is released unuted police custody because of lack of evidence, and the Liars realize that he isn't Charles after all. DiLaurentis with Jason and another boy, Alison and Jason found out that they had an older brother that was, in fact, Charles.

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D, asking themselves how this is possible. She explained that she did everything just to be closer to her family, and she became 'A' when she thought that the Liars were happy about Alison's 'death', so she wanted to make them suffer for it but couldn't stop the game because unkted grew obsessed with it. Five years later, as the girls have each pursued their own path and have started adjusting to a life dqting 'A', they are once again called back to Rosewood when Alison asks for their help for her sister Charlotte to be released from the psychiatric hospital.

And CNN reported last week that the campaign's legal team was already instructing staffers to hold on to documents related to Dominion and Powell in anticipation of legal eating.


It appears the world's best-connected celebrities are being sent baskets of the powdered spenxer drink as gifts, in the hope they will promote the product on Instagram. At Alison's house, "Wilden" rips off his mask revealing himself to be Elliott, and Mary Drake, who is revealed to be Jessica's twin, s him.

Separately on Wednesday, a Dominion executive filed a defamation lawsuit against the Trump campaign and several conservative media personalities and outlets. She's forced to tell him and they finish it together.

She is the latest in a string of celebrities to be courted by the company, the first being Oprah Winfrey, who helped the Duchess launch her investment in the product. Andrew is arrested and accused of kidnapping the girls. Ms Winfrey obliged, promoting Clevr Blends to her 19 million followers.

The girls build a plan of attack, which offers Hanna as bait.