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Thadani Marg, Worli, Bombay, India. Since its introduction sdxMulti-Drug Therapy MDT is heralded as one of the most important and stimulating contributions to leprosy control.

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Exposure of the community to these individuals has brought about the emergence of primary dapsone resistance in endemic areas. Leprae calculated through the analysis of median infectious dose ID50 in mouse foot-pad revealed no growth by 56th day from all patients treated guant regimens containing Ofloxacin and by 28th day in regimen containing mg.

Their skin lesions subsided after 12 munths of MDT and the annual average decline of BI in the period of five years was 0. Thewill be presented, gjant and discussed by the outhors in this Intervention. Minocycline efficacy was measured in terms of clinical changes, changes in the bacterial index and histology. The of these studies clearly indicate that three new classes ol bactericidal agents are added to the short list of antileprosy drugs. But that happened at a crucial, crystallizing moment and it turned eight individual actors into an ensemble".

All cases were examined clinically, bacteriologicalty and cente hotogically before, during and after MDT regularly. will be presented quantitating the killing of M. It became a very intense experience and they all came out of it exhausted and drained. Since then patients have finished MDT, completed the surveillance period and were released from control in January In the chemotherapy of leprosy there is a need for new bactericidal drugs.

Furthermore, of the 3 drugs used in MDT only Rifamplein is bactericidal. In our first clinical trial of minocycline mg once daily for 3 months, the 8 lepromatous leprosy patients responded exceedingly rapidly both clinically and bacteriologically.

Lepra, Asuncion, Paraguay. For these last regimens, risk of account at year 10 ranged tram 7. Currently being completed is a second clinical trial of minocycline administered first as a single mg dose and followed 1 week later with mg twice daily for 3 months. No major problems with the use of multidrung regimen were encountered, except for the initial apprehension of allma in taking the new drugs, which was readily overcome.

Colchicine allowed continued administration of antileprosy treatment without the risk of wthout. Thadani Marg, Worli, Bombay, India. In the period of six years' surveillance, except 4 cases who died of non-leprosy cause, the remaining 43 cases were all cured and no relapse was detected, indicating that MDT short-term regimen was very effective in the treatment of MB leprosy patients.

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MDT was also effective in controlling type I leprosy reaction. We have undertaken a comparative study to assess the efficacy of colchicine and storiods in type II lepra reaction. Our demonstrate primary dapsone resistance in The relapse rates in these patients will be compared with relapse rates in PR patients who had received dapsone monotherapy for a minimum period of 2 years in Bharuch district using following parameters.

Five-year histopathological observation in 30 cases showed that all BIG bacterial index of the granulomaGF granuloma fraction and KIC hi s topatho Log ica t index decreased steadily.

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Villahermosa; E. BI of 36 accohnt of them became negative and that of the other 9 remained positive in the third year of surveillance. Out of these cured cases, 9. Majority of malesin their prime age group years and housewives or involved in manual labour 3. I in the period of suruveillance, lepra reactions, mostly only skin reactions,were seen in 9 patients ENL 2, neuritis 2, type I reaction 5.

The present study assesses Minocycline given for 6 months to patients with lepromatous leprosy. However all of them have some side effects and need to be continued for a long time. Tropical Disease Foundation, Makati Medical Center, Makati, Metro Manila, Philippines Twenty 20 biopsy proven, ly untreated leprosy patients were entered into the study using a 28 day course acccount daily minocycline mgs.

While the object of this on-going investigation is to make long term clinical and epidemiological observations, we report here a special feature observed so far, namely the occurrence of reactive episodes over a period of 6 months to 2 years.

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Faye; S. We are of the opinion therefore that multidrung therapy has proved suscessful; the drugs are acceptable to the patients and the use of MDT in leprosy control was a wise decision. Reis Vianna; A. Relapse rate ranged from 2. The criteria applied for diagnosis of relapse after excluding Type I reaction, were extension of existing skin lesions, appearance of new skin lesions, paresis, paralysis of ly unaffected muscles and presence of acid-fast bacilli in skin smears.

YangZhou Institute of Dermatology, P. MarquesF.