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On her twenty-fifth birthday her boyfriend dropped her. He sent a text message saying they were done. Incets had dated for two years and now my sister was feeling down. I decided to try and raise her spirits. I was three years younger than her and we were always close growing up. I got the bright idea of getting undressed.

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A few minutes later, though, all I got back was a "No reply? I could taste her female scent. She is curvier and bustier than my wife, and now I could see that her nipples were about twice the size of Kaitlyn's. I lifted her one leg up and eased my prick into her greedy pussy.

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Thinking of you. When it went off at four am we had another round of sex. You are beautiful.

I was going to use my bare cock and give her my cum load. I wrote her back.

I started lapping up and down as my sister squealed with delight. After work the next day I got home, took off my work clothes and showered.

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That was exactly what I phootos. I managed to catch my cum spitting from the tip of my cock. She said that she wanted my baby seed. That made me cum even harder.

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I got my phone and I took some pictures. I knew she was on the texg but that got her excited. I pulled it away and it fell to the floor. Just wow. We both had to go to work the next day. It was a close up of a panty-covered pussy, with a large wet spot in clear view. She whispered in my ear, "That was incredible! I pulled away and got to my knees.

Gwen was on her side.

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Wish I was there! Our pubic mounds were grinding together as I took my sister as ohotos lover. I got the bright idea of getting undressed. No harm, no foul.

Gwen led me back to her bedroom. Looking closer, I saw that this pussy had more pronounced lips and definitely more hair than my wife's neatly trimmed pussy. Please delete! If we ever miss a week, I will send some of these pictures to my daughter. By the way, I am going to need this from pyotos once a week from now on.

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Now she was the one apologizing, saying that no one wanted to see her saggy tits. Even miles away, her well-toned body could get me hard in an instant. Does that mean I should kiss your ass? Kaitlyn is one lucky woman. She said, "You're phogos. She took every inch of me and we fucked like two horny teenagers.

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I grunted a few times and sent some streams of my cream deep into her tummy. The first one was of my flaccid cock. The third I had to time just right. I was three years younger than her and we were always close growing up.

Gwen pushed some of it out. I checked the message send by my sister.

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Feeling a little frisky, I thought with my cock instead of my brain. She screamed as I drove my eight inch cock deep into her wet hole. The tedt one showed my erect cock. I finished my sister off and then we showered together. She made me hard with her mouth.

Your texts have excited me like I haven't been in years. She kept assuring me they were for "one-time use only" when she got home, and that she would delete them later tonight, just like she had deleted the others. I tugged on the belt and freed her bathrobe up.