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We wanted to begin with the most important subject on our agenda, and this happens to be children and their protection. And this particular Committee is always willing to take on tough subjects -- and this is very difficult -- protecting people's rights, but most importantly, and our priority is, to protect children. One of the reasons why we chose this subject was that months ago, during a research on Avenel and sex offenders, my staffer was downstairs on the Internet pulling up material, and we heard gasps and cries of fright and disgust.

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In effect, these pedophiles and kiddie porn operators are given free reign to exploit our children on the Net. You're wrong. Department of Justice Search Training. It's a moving target that we're always trying to hit, but we're not always successful at that.

A lot of this stuff they can help us with, and I don't think that they're chah that. You're going to get the pictures, because you're not going to get in. We don't go into those chat rooms, because I've never found anything of redeeming value in there. I've always had a love of technology, and it continues today in my present position. I can use a stolen credit card, aexy I can make up a credit card and be anybody that I want. But look at the-- I don't want to go further than that.

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We are their first role models. I think where the most child pornography and the child exploitation takes place are in the chat rooms, or what's called the Internet Relay Chat on America Online. But I clicked on it, and it was free pornography -- live, "free" pornography. The danger of this information winding up in the wrong hands is very real and very frightening.

And it precipitated the blue-ribbon panel. The second thing that you're doing is you're going to give your child a sense of self-confidence, self-assurance, self-esteem, because now he knows something that mom or dad doesn't know. Now you're saying you've worked on this a whole year. My main concern, and it seems to be the main concern of the majority of the people on this Committee, happens to be let's protect tremton children first.

Throughout the world, they are, and we found that.

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These sites allow a computer user connected to the Internet to open his computer up to others on the Net so they can download or files to or from that computer. I said, "Well, we can give them out as we go from place to place. Nowadays, that journal is password protected or encrypted, which provides technical problems in us reading this. I can go on and be anybody that I want.

Every time a parent s up for a birthday club at a local fast food restaurant or ice cream store or fills out a warranty card for a new toy or computer, completes a consumer survey at the local supermarket or allows to be included in a school directory, they could inadvertently be putting their child at risk. It's an international organization that brings together both computer crime law enforcement individuals, as well as the private sector in computer security people.

Just as he's going up there, to say this, my daughter loves America Online, and she's got me involved in America Online -- I guess it's three years.

And when law cjat goes back to juno or hotmail, it is bogus information. We must talk to our children about using chat rooms and about never, never providing information about themselves on-line, sexg some of them do not realize that their words are being watched by the eyes of millions. But what we also do is allow our children to be exposed to pedophiles and material that is either sexual or violent in nature.

Freeholder Kelly mentioned before about the sports forums.

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We did a television show last week or a few weeks ago, and we have another film coming up on how we're going to protect our children on-line, law enforcement officer training in order to investigate that crime. And parents can be educated in this area, too, as many of us continue to take courses learning how to use the Internet. I had something strange happen which, you know-- I was talking to a neighbor about this very topic about a month, because he was getting a computer for his kid, and "I don't want him to see all those dirty pictures and all.

Don't have a difficult time. As a society, I'm going to have to tackle some of the problems and issues associated with it.

I think that has to be something that we encourage, and this hearing is not merely about legislation. At the moment that she placed that order and used the name of Richard Allen Davis, that gentleman was on trial in superior court in California for the murder of year-old Polly Klaas. Without question. So far, such programs have been completed in our County.

As elected officials, we must support and continue to provide educational and informational programs about the Internet. There are ways and means to do it.

And that's always going to be an issue. There are sites in other countries that we can link to, just like we were sitting here. I mean, still and all, that person has to have a name. It can, but there are protections there if you abide by fref.