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I was intrigued! Here was a published author saying the same things about God and Christ which I had believed for a long time. I read everything of Fox I could find.

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I didn't like it and wanted to change the subject. From Chat access singles. Are Christian Witches trying to mix Christianity and Wicca?

Cchat had a mound of flour at North, Jasmine incense at East, a white candle at South, and a porcelain pitcher filled with water at West. I didn't hide that I was a Christian, but I found that if I expressed my Christian faith in the terms that I understood, the Witches affirmed me. Aren't Witches Polytheists? I had explained in my post that I was a Christian and I wanted to go as the Traditional idea of a Witch, but I wouldn't if they thought it was offensive. Aren't many of the practices of Witchcraft right out of the occult?

I realized I had the same powers as her.

Afterwards I felt very relaxed, very centered, very connected, and very healed of some depression that had been plaguing me the last few days. Aren't Christians who want to be Witches not true Christians since they don't want to obey the Bible? But to me the Moon is somehow a very powerful symbol of the Feminine. Free India caster. I love the phases of the moon. She was old and had lost her mind. One thing about the Moon is that she is always there and she is there all across the world.

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Does this even make sense? I was overwhelmed with the response. I've decided to move forward doing what my heart pulls me towards and let the figuring out come later.

The night was clear but the Moon was so bright I could barely see the North Star to align my circle. College Podcast.

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Don't Witches worship many Gods and Goddesses and aren't Christians required to worship only the one true God? I notice now how much of my then future feelings of Witchcraft were already there in that poem. Two things happened to me. What Fox said they were about sounded very much like where I was coming from. Here was a published author saying the same things about God and Christ which I had believed for a long time.

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Employees First, 3D. What exactly are we talking about when we put the terms "Christian" and "Witch" together? They spoke of honoring the Crone aspect of the Goddess. There were a few people down on the beach, lovers I think, and as I set up my circle a freight train pulled up on the tracks and stopped alongside me, parking for some reason or other, like the great train of the unconscious with its romance and mystery.

I had been playing Dungeons and Dragons for years. What are Spirituality and Religion? The whole little bluff was filled with the silver light of the Moon.

I could see strangers meeting each other along a road in an ancient wood and greeting each other with love, acceptance, openness and healing words of "Merry Meet! Spell on. It was amazing what I could see.

I came on-line in the fall of I read everything of Fox I could find. Before exploring Christian Witchcraft it is important to think about this question.

In attempting to find resources for this exploration of Feminine Spirituality I found a dearth of material. In time I brought my own deck and it was like electricity was running through me!

I drove down to the bay and walked up the railroad tracks to an isolated little bluff that overlooks the bay. Doesn't the Bible forbid Witchcraft?